The Unit provides enabling research, technology, instruments, technical services and training for nuclear safeguards, non proliferation and nuclear security, including the verification of treaties and agreements, to inspection agencies, States and operators. Activities range from nuclear non-destructive analysis and process monitoring to containment & surveillance, verification and detection technologies, including the proliferation assessment of new reactor systems, border monitoring and the specialist analysis of open-source information and satellite imagery.

The Unit is made up of six Actions:


Action 53101° Nuclear Traceability and Sealing Systems (NuTraSeal)

Contact: Francois Littmann

Action 51601° Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (REM)

Contact: Marc De Cort

Action 53104° Information Analysis for Nuclear Security (IANUS)

Trade Information Analysis for export control
Open Source information analysis
Systems analysis and risk assessment techniques
Country profiling

Contact: Giacomo G.M. Cojazzi


Action 53105° Nuclear Facilities Verification (NUVER)

Surveillance and Information Retrieval Techniques
Design and development of novel Information and Communication Technologies
Integration of various data from multiple sources
Tele-operation in advanced storage areas
Development of audit-based NMAC

Contact: Vitor Sequeira


Action 53106° Nuclear Materials Measurement Techniques (NUMAMET)

Measurement methods of nuclear and radioactive materials
Qualification of plant specific NDA equipment
Nuclear material characterisation
Data integration of nuclear measurements
On-site assistance and provision of training for IAEA and DG TREN inspectors

Contact: Reinhard Berndt


Action 53201° Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulation (NUSIM)

Development and application of simulation techniques
Process monitoring and in particular solution monitoring
Tank calibration methods

Contact: Paolo Peerani

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